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Overnight Newborn Care, Consultations & Sleep Training

Overnight Newborn Care, Consultations & Sleep TrainingOvernight Newborn Care, Consultations & Sleep Training



Heather taught us how to be parents!  

She made us feel empowered and confident with what we were doing... Her magical binder and weekly goal plans were something we referenced for most of his first year, and go back to with our second baby.  I would have never wanted to endure being a first time parent without Heather by our side, we are SO grateful for what she has done for our family, and continue to use her as a resource. 
~Rachel T

happy baby girl

It isn't possible to put our gratitude for Heather and her team into one review. Not only were they able to get our sweet little premie sleeping within 3 months, but they provided us with such a stable comfort  on so many levels.  They would stay up late with us answering questions about sleeping, feeding, the best toys, nursing; truly anything a new mom can think or worry about (which is just about everything). Neither ever judged or scolded us when we struggled. They were warm, loving, and will forever be a part of our family. We don't know what we would have done without their guidance and support!

~Emily Y



Heather and her team are the absolute best! Before we started the overnight training, she sent a ton of information so we could get started.  We instantly felt comfortable around her and had confidence that she would do a great job. She was incredible! Heather's gentle approach made me feel really good about the entire process. Not only is she amazing with babies, but she is just SO knowledgable. We loved working with Heather & her team and our baby adores them as well! When we are pregnant with our next, Heather will be one of the first to know... we want to make sure we book her in advance!

~Caitlin F

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Here are Danny & Teri, parent to one angel baby (now toddler) expecting #2 in June, 2018!

Kristen & Travis, repeat clients and parents of two adorable littles both cared for and sleep trained by Heather with Sweet Sleep / Trusted Newborn Care

Voices of Praise

Recent Raves

Heather is so knowledgeable and great with babies. Kyndall was waking up 6-8 times a night and within two days she was down to 2-3 which changed my life. She worked with us and got Kyndall on track and is now down to 1 feed. Heather changed everything!! I would totally recommend Heather, her tips and tricks are so worth it!

~Christy C

With this being our first, my husband & I were/are pretty clueless. My mom stayed with us the first two weeks but I panicked whenever she left. Heather went above & beyond in helping me become comfortable with everything from introducing formula to helping Claire's reflux. Between her & our pediatrician, Claire's reflux has become quite manageable.  I could go on & on, but in sum - Heather is one of the warmest professionals I have ever worked with.  

~Abby P

Heather was a lifesaver with our first born! She not only helped me be a more knowledgeable and confident mom, but my husband learned so much too. 

~Caroline M

Heather is THE BEST!  After her first visit we went from 3-4 wakeups a night to 1-2. Our baby was sleeping through the night by 10 weeks because of the tips and daytime schedule she gave us and her handling his nighttime wakeups once a week.  This is my second baby and the experience of being able to get more sleep so much earlier on has been priceless. Over the years, we've come across and worked with many and she is stellar. Just a natural with newborns and with knowing what works and what doesn't. I cannot recommend her enough!

~Maggie H

When I found out I was pregnant with twins I was terrified that I might never sleep again. So I hustled hard to make enough money to hire a sleep coach who would come watch our babes while we caught up on some ZZZs. Thanks to the advice and coaching from Heather with Sweet Sleep, both our babes were sleeping better in just a few weeks and sleeping through the night by four months old! 

~Leah F

Appreciation & Accolades

I have so many wonderful things to say about Heather.  Our experience with her was outstanding and we would definitely recommend her to our dearest family & friends.  She is professional, dependable, patient, sincere, incredibly sweet, and highly competent in all aspects of newborn care.   She always went above and beyond helping us in every way. I was working full time running a business from home, nursing, sleep deprived, dealing with all the typical new-mom worries & hormones and Heather did whatever she could to make life easier.  She has a very gentle tried and true method for sleep training but I loved that she respected my wishes to go with an even slower & more gentle approach. Most importantly, she was loving and sweet to my baby boy and always made sure his health & safety were her #1 priority.  

~Lonni A

Heather is a natural with babies and you can tell she is passionate about what she does.  She is reliable, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable on everything regarding babies.   I really like her philosophy... she offers her opinion and gives recommendations, but respects the opinions of the parents she is working with.  She answered all kinds of questions for me whether in person or off the clock over phone or email at all hours of the day.  She was helpful with my toddler adjusting to his baby sister, she made recommendations on natural household products that wouldn't harm my kids, and she even went shopping for me when I was too exhausted to do so myself.  If you're considering hiring a newborn care specialist, Call Heather immediately before someone else snatches her up! ​  

~Gabi Messinger

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have both Claudia and Heather work with my son. The sleep training started immediately after he was born, and he has slept through the night from nine weeks old on. At night I could always get a good night’s rest knowing that my son was being well taken care of. Although their sleep training was by far one of the best things I have ever experienced, I honestly think my biggest take away was the education about newborns that came along with it. Being a first-time mother, I was tired, nervous, scared, anxious, and a whole slew of emotions, but both Claudia and Heather helped me navigate this new experience which I feel is the reason I am the mother I am today. Even after the sleep training was completed, they still answered questions and provided suggestions and schedules to help Cameron reach milestones up until his first year. I would definitely have them on speed dial again when my family is ready to welcome our next little one.

~Natasha M

Excerpts of Endorsements

I cannot say enough good things about Heather with Sweet Sleep!  Being first time parents we were truly overwhelmed and underprepared for the task of sleep training.  Heather came into our home and was so much more than just a sleep coach.  I looked forward to when she would arrive...  She was genuinely interested in his naps and breastfeeding and gave us the tools we needed to progress.  ...this was heaven! 

~Emmy, repeat client

We asked for help and Heather answered!  She was warm and caring right from the start.  She really understood Luke's personality and recommended techniques that would work best for him.  It was a customized approach, not a "one fits all".  Heather followed up with us and was available to answer any questions that I had.  We would highly recommend Heather to any new parents or veteran parents like us.  

~Casey Giles

Heather's calm, knowledgeable, experienced approach to newborns instantly put all of us at ease.  We learned how many commonly held beliefs about babies were incorrect and what really simulates their mental growth and helps them sleep. The lessons we learned from Heather were life changing for us and for our baby.  He is happier and so are we!" 

 ~Elizabeth, repeat client

Consultation Clients

Consultation Clients

Consultation Clients

"We have a wonderful baby boy who just wouldn’t sleep the second he arrived.  Neither one of us knew very much about babies and were at a loss for how to help him and get some sleep!  After weeks of walking, bouncing, shushing, and soothing at all hours of the night in an act of sheer desperation we sought help.  Then we stumbled across Heather’s website and just knew she was the answer.  

“Heather has been a huge contribution to how well our baby girl sleeps!  We had read a few sleep books already, but there is nothing like having someone come in with the kind of experience and expertise as Heather.  ...she is a wealth of knowledge ...and she always makes me feel like a friend when I call. Thank you so much Heather!” 
~Dena, Steve & Andi

Heather has helped us out tremendously! She came to our house and showed us many tips, tricks and techniques to help our baby sleep. You can read and read everything online but it wasn't until she came into our house and showed us with our baby and with our things that it really made sense. In a few days we noticed a huge difference. We have a happier baby and much happier parents now that we are all getting sleep. She is dedicated and caring and really has a committed interest in helping us out. She has always been there for any support or questions after her visit. Heather is also full of wonderful resources for parents. We are so glad we called her.    


Heather was very thorough and pays very close attention to detail. She listened to our concerns/needs and provided us with simple solutions to get us on track with sleep training. Within days of meeting with Heather our newborn was already sleeping extended hours and a couple of days later he was sleeping 11 hours solidly. 

~Denise B, Phoenix AZ 

Twins & Triplets

Consultation Clients

Consultation Clients

Heather with Sweet Sleep was a wonderful experience.  Heather spent each night in the nursery and cared for our  premature twin baby girls.  That requires an incredible amount of trust.  Not only did I trust her completely, but I felt such relief at having her there as an additional resource.  I could ask her questions about feeding, daytime schedule, even illness.  I knew when she showed up, that I could completely relax and get some much needed sleep.  Heather is very knowledgable, professional and easy to work with.  I recommend her with all my heart. ~Breanne, Mother of six

Heather was able to successfully help our twins to sleep through the night by 4 months (my daughter at 8 weeks) which was amazing and unheard of for twins!  She was very professional, punctual and knowledgeable on how to sleep train and her skill set went way beyond the night shift.  My husband and I were able to rest easy each night she would come because we knew our babies were in great hands.

~Henry & Penelope's Mom 

As a first time mom of newborn twin girls, we were overwhelmed and extremely sleep deprived!  We felt completely comfortable with her in our home from the first minute that we met her. Knowing the girls were in excellent hands, allowed me to rest fully and be a more productive mom. We followed the advice Heather provided with information, schedules, etc. and the twins were sleeping through the night in the same room when approximately 3 months old. We highly recommend Heather as a valuable asset in your house.                 

~Ava & Mia's Mom and Dad

"I highly recommend Heather.  I left my three preemie newborns in her care and she never once failed me.  Not only did she have the usual responsibilities of feedings and diaper changes, but she also had the added responsibility of monitoring our daughter who was on an apnea monitor for 3 months and helping the babies with various physical therapies that they were receiving. She is completely trustworthy and comes to you with excellent experience."

 ~Christina H.

Care for Mother's with Postpartum Depression

Care for Mother's with Postpartum Depression

Care for Mother's with Postpartum Depression

Heather was fantastic to work with. She was very professional, easy to communicate with, has a warm personality, and had a genuine interest in our son. Heather looked at every aspect of our son's daily routine, and made very helpful recommendations... [and] she incorporated any requests we had. We constantly sing praises to the results of her work, and are so happy such a service exists. When we first contacted Heather our son was [only sleeping] 2 to 3 hours. We now put him to bed at 7:00pm and he sleeps until 6:00am most every night. Glorious sleep!!! All thanks to Heather! We are so happy we found her and highly recommend her.  

~Sean McManus, Cerritos, CA

Heather is God sent. She truly empathizes with my experience with postpartum depression, since it has been difficult for me. We found that throughout the 2 weeks, Heather truly wanted our input and asked about our comfort as well, so we found that she included us in the planning.  We were even comfortable leaving him alone while we had a few “date” nights.  She was a great asset and still is now. Before she left she gave us a schedule and a overall direction on a daily routine and our nugget is much happier and healthier now.  Thanks to Heather, the whole family is doing well and parenthood is not as scary as it used to be.   

~Charlie & Malia's mom, repeat client

Reflux Babies

Care for Mother's with Postpartum Depression

Care for Mother's with Postpartum Depression

Heather cared for my son who suffered from severe reflux and also dealt with a dairy sensitivity. Heather’s vast knowledge on newborn care, especially pertaining to babies with health issues, was invaluable. She was a huge asset in attending to his needs and making him as comfortable as possible. He really struggled with sleeping though the night, and her gentle manner with sleep training made quite a difference for us. Heather’s tender and soft demeanor, along with her loving and nurturing personality, make her a wonderful fit for any family!​ ~Kristen Z

"Heather was able to come in and provide instant relief to my husband and I.  Her knowledge on gentle sleep training and various ailments was extremely helpful.  We now have a beautiful happy 5 month old that sleeps 11-12 hours a night!" 

~Dr. Trimming & Mrs. Trimming, Attny